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Please read before inquiring/booking

  • Once you receive contract, we now require a signed contract and deposit back within 48 hours.  Due to high demand, our spots fill up fast, therefore, unfortunately we are not able to hold your spot for you. After 48 hours, your date will be available and subject to be booked by the next client.

  • We invest a lot of time into our potential clients and would appreciate your full honesty regarding your booking. If you do not think you are able to book at this time, then please let us know. Our time is very precious so we please ask that you do not lead us on or waste our time if you are not a serious inquiry. We want to make sure we are investing our time wisely.

  • There is a traveling fee after 50 miles of our zip code.

  • If you inquire, please tell us your date, venue, and what package you are interested in.

  • Please thoroughly read through the contract after booking as it may answer any important questions that you may have.

  • Remember, We are here to have fun with you!  


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